Use Cases

The IIIF specifications are developed in a process that requires gathering, clarifying, and distilling use cases.

Throughout the workshop, let's keep in mind why we're looking at IIIF. Here are some questions we can consider as we go along.

  • Who are the users for our image resources?
  • What different kinds of users do we have?
  • How do users want to be able to use our image resources?
  • What kinds of users and uses would we like to serve better?
  • How might IIIF enable these uses?


Let's hear some of the use cases you have so that we can return to them later.

How would you fill in the blanks?

As a [user], I want to [take some action], so that I can [achieve some goal].

Here's an example:

As an art student, I want to zoom in on an image, so that I can learn about the brush strokes of a particular artist.

Take a quick look at the images in this blog post for an example of a surprising discovery. (As well as a good argument for why an art student still wants to see the painting in person.)

Initial Questions

Do you have questions about how IIIF can help support your users?

Throughout the workshop please feel free to ask questions about how something might help support particular use cases you have.

Museum Use Cases

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