Viewing Hints and Viewing Directions



Within your sequence you're going to add viewingHint and viewingDirection properties.

Values to try for viewingHint include:

  • individuals
  • paged
  • continuous

You can also try the following values for viewingDirection:

  • left-to-right
  • right-to-left
  • top-to-bottom
  • bottom-to-top

Try different combinations of these values and review the manifest in Universal Viewer and Mirador.

Note that there are multiple other valid values for viewingHint that can be applied at different places within a manifest. Not all apply at the manifest or sequence level. We will not cover how values apply to collections or ranges.

Here's a snippet of what a portion of your sequence ought to look like:

  "@type": "sc:Sequence",
  "viewingHint": "individuals",
  "viewingDirection": "left-to-right",
  "canvases": [

See the full manifest with a viewingHint and viewingDirection


Take a look at a roll-codex in the original and converted into a scroll. The manifest for the scroll uses viewingDirection and viewingHint to achieve this effect.


  • How does the display change in Universal Viewer and Mirador?
  • What assumption is made about your resource when you use the "paged" value for viewingHint?
  • When might you use a viewingHint of "continuous"?
  • Are these viewing hints sufficient for representing the kinds of resources you have?
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