Manifest Setup

Let's get set up to create a manifest. Below each step we'll give directions on how to do this from the terminal on a Mac. Feel free though to do each step however you'd like including using a GUI application.

  1. First make sure you've followed the instructions in both Web Server and Web Server Directory

    You should already have:

    • A "iiif-workshop" directory with a "test.txt" file
    • A local web server running, pointed to your "iiif-workshop" directory
  2. Open and edit a file named "manifest.json" in your "iiif-workshop" directory

    In your editor you can navigate to open up a file named "manifest.json".

    Or run the following if you're using the Atom editor:

    atom manifest.json

    Add the following text (curly braces) to your "manifest.json" file:

     "property": "value"
  3. Open the directory in your browser

    If you used Web Server for Chrome according to the instructions, you can visit http://localhost:3000 or From now on we'll use "localhost" in every case, but if that doesn't work, substitute "".

    You should see something like this in your browser:

  4. Open up your manifest in browser

    Click on "manifest.json" in the directory listing in your browser or visit http://localhost:3000/manifest.json.

    You should see the JSON displayed in your browser.

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