Basic Description

There is some basic description you'll definitely want to add before you make a manifest available. We'll start with these properties: label, description, attribution, and logo.

We will include all of these properties at the root level of the JSON.


The label is a human readable name or title for the resource.

Question: Does a manifest require a label?

Add "Papillons", the French word for butterfly, as the label for this resource.


The description allows for a longer full text description of the resource.

Add this as the value of the description property: "Four patterns inspired by butterflies."

Question: Can you use HTML in a description?


The attribution can be used to present copyright or ownership information or acknowledge the owning and/or publishing institution.

Use "Special Collections Research Center at NCSU Libraries" as the value of attribution.

Question: When a client displays the resource, what is required to be done with the attribution?

The logo is often used to display the owning or hosting institution for the resource. Clients must display this image.

Find a JPEG to use as your logo. Either find the logo of your institution or some small image that you like. (Use this hot logo if you need to.)

Download the logo into your "iiif-workshop" directory with the name "logo.jpg".

Add the URL http://localhost:3000/logo.jpg as the value of logo. Check first that the logo is being served up from that address.

Question: Besides just displaying the logo, what additional requirements does the specification make?


Your JSON ought to look something like this:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "sc:Manifest",
  "@id": "http://localhost:3000/manifest.json",
  "label": "Papillons",
  "description": "Four patterns inspired by butterflies.",
  "attribution": "Special Collections Research Center at NCSU Libraries",
  "logo": "http://localhost:3000/logo.jpg"
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