Image API

The Image API helps get the pixels of a digital image to a client like a browser. The purpose of the Image API is to standardized way to request the needed bits of a digital image.

In this section you'll learn about version 2.1.1 of the Image API. You'll learn about:

  • Why there's a need for an image API.
  • Why you might want to serve your images via IIIF.
  • The parameters of a IIIF image URL.
  • How the info.json encodes information about an image and how that information can be used.

You'll gain hands-on experience working with the Image API.

What the Image API is Not

  • The Image API does not give structure for viewing a series of images.
  • The Image API does not allow for showing descriptive metadata with the image.
  • The Image API does not provide every possible image manipulation you might want. It is not Photoshop.
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