Dynamic Image Server

Choosing an Image Server

Different image servers will have different features.

You can see a list of image servers: https://github.com/IIIF/awesome-iiif#image-servers

Questions to ask yourself as you are considering adopting an existing image server, shimming your current image server, or writing your own:

  • Do we even need an image server? Could a Level 0 implementation suffice?
  • What language is the image server written in?
  • What does the level of community support look like?
  • Do we have an existing image server that we could shim?

Based on these criteria take a look at two image servers and report back.


If you already have an image server and want to make it work with the IIIF APIs and viewers, you may want to consider using or creating an image server shim. A "shim" is a small bit of code that works by intercepting API calls and working with a current incompatible system.


One effective way to use your current image server could be to redirect from the IIIF URIs to your current image server.

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