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View Our Example Manifest

To view our example manifest either look at the embedded viewer below or use the Mirador demo.

Embedded Viewer

Here’s an embedded Mirador viewer pointing to our local manifest already.

open Mirador in a new window

Using the Mirador Demo

Mirador home page:

Open the Mirador site and click on the “try a live demo” button.

You’ll see some sample content. Click the “x” to close one of the windows.

Click the upper-lefthand dropdown to “Replace Object”.

In the “Add new object from URL:” field enter: http://localhost:3000/manifest.json

Click on the “load” button.

You should see your “Papillons” image show up. Click on it.

Exercises and Questions

  • How can you make the viewer full screen?
  • How would you create an annotation?
  • How do you open a different resource?
  • How can you manipulate the colors of the image?

Advanced Mirador Functionality

  • layers
  • annotations