This is a beta version of migrating these workshop materials to a new platform. If you run into issues please file an issue or click on the edit link above and submit a pull request. You can use the previous version of the workshop materials as a fallback.

Local Mode

This is the recommended way to use these workshop materials. You’ll need to have a network connection for many of the exercises, but following these instructions you’ll be less reliant the network being fast and stable.

This is a work in progress and isn’t a completely offline mode.

You’ll want to download a zip file and unzip the contents into your local web server directory.

  1. Download the workshop materials zip file here:

  2. Move the downloaded file to your local web server directory

  3. Unzip the file

    In your local web server directory you should now see a directory named “iiif-workshop-materials”

  4. Ensure your local web server is on and visit the workshop materials homepage: http://localhost:3000/iiif-workshop-materials/