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This workshop will give you experience with the Image and Presentation APIs and give an introduction to the Content Search and Authentication APIs.

We’ll learn about IIIF through live, interactive demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

For some exercises you’ll create JSON objects manually. You’d never do it this way at scale for a production application, but this hands-on approach can help with looking more closely and better understanding the structure of the IIIF API. You’ll also get to work with the JSON in the editor of your choice with the same syntax highlighting you’ll have when you’re debugging your own implementation.

You’ll see notes, tips, and warnings highlighted in boxes like this and the above throughout.

We’ll dive in to working with IIIF as quickly as possible. We’ll keep prefatory material to a minimum. Rather than covering the benefits of IIIF all upfront, as we go along we’ll ask questions and talk about what IIIF is and why to adopt the IIIF standards.