This is a beta version of migrating these workshop materials to a new platform. If you run into issues please file an issue or click on the edit link above and submit a pull request. You can use the previous version of the workshop materials as a fallback.

Web Server Directory

For some of the exercises we’ll be creating JSON files. We will want to view our results in a IIIF viewer. These viewers request IIIF JSON files like manifests via HTTP(S). In order for the IIIF viewers to see our JSON files we will need to deliver them from a web server.

The first step is setting up a directory where we can create our files and then pointing our web server to them.

  1. Create a directory/folder named “iiif-workshop”

    Doesn’t matter where as long as you’ll be able to find it.

    On a Mac in the terminal you can type:

    mkdir iiif-workshop
  2. Change into the “iiif-workshop” directory

    On a Mac:

    cd iiif-workshop
  3. Open an empty file in your text editor

    If you’re using Atom you can type:

    atom test.txt
  4. Add any content to your “test.txt” file

  5. Start your local web server if you haven’t already that is serving files from your “iiif-workshop” directory.

  6. Open http://localhost:3000 in a browser

    You ought to see the contents of your “iiif-workshop” directory with a file named “text.txt”.

    If you used Web Server for Chrome according to the instructions, you can visit http://localhost:3000 or From now on we’ll use “localhost” in every case in this workshop, but if that doesn’t work, substitute “”.

  7. Click on “text.txt”

    You should see the text you added to your file in your browser.

OK! You’re all set. We’ll use this directory throughout the workshop to edit and deliver files to our browser.