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ORCID promotion and the Citation Index

An ORCID iD is a unique identifier for a researcher which allows for associating works and other outputs in a record. This record can be reused through the hundreds of systems which integrate with the open ORCID API.

In order to promote ORCID adoption and NC State University, we developed promotional plans, technical integrations, and services. Our main promotional message is to save researchers time, so we ask them to connect their ORCID iD and send us their CV. We developed the Citation Index to make the connection with an ORCID iD and collect the works of NC State University affiliated people. I lead the team in the Libraries consisting of promotion, technical, and service stakeholders. I had an active role in each of these aspects including presenting to faculty in department meetings, co-developing the Citation Index approach and software, and managing the workflow and communications of the CV service.

As of January 2020 after a year of making authenticated connections, we have 25% of faculty who have connected their ORCID iD along with many students and staff. Many of these users have taken advantage of our CV service to fill in gaps in Citation Index and ORCID records. This has allowed us to add over 18,450 works to ORCID which are now available for reuse.