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Hunt Video Wall HTML Templates

I have begun to extract some HTML templates from the code I have produced for the Hunt Library walls. Creating exact designs for the MicroTiles walls can be challenging. Rather than have content that overlaps the thin bezel between the tiles, it looks nicer many times to line up a panel with the bezels. Part of the hurdle to get over in developing for these spaces if you want to be exact is getting all the measurements correct in the CSS. The hope is that these templates will help smooth the path for others to design content for these spaces. After we have some static HTML templates, we may work on others that begin to layer on more features. For instance, we could provide examples of how to use the data from various WebSocket feeds that are public or that we provide to create a simple visualization. The same template and feed could then be used to create an alternative visualization. Rather than having to worry about understanding the whole software stack the developer can focus on one simpler piece, say learning how to effectively and artfully use a library like D3.js. In short we want to look how to create some lightweight tools to put into other folks hands to be able to play and experiment with these spaces.

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