Upgrading from Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04

Published: 2018-05-26 14:59 -0400

I just upgraded from Xubuntu 17.10 to 18.04. It was a smooth upgrade and most everything appeared to be working. Below are the few issues I ran into. I’ll update this post when I uncover (and hopefully resolve) other issues.


The curl CLI was removed for some reason. I use it often and various scripts I use also rely on it being present. So I reinstalled it.


I use quicktile to give me configurable keyboard shortcuts for tiling my windows. This solution from a GitHub issue worked for me.

Pop!_OS theme

I’m using the Pop!_OS theme with Xubuntu. It has a really nice dark theme. In order to get the new version to install I had to purge all of the packages and reinstall them.

Power indicator

The power indicator I was using in my notification area was removed during installation. I had to fiddle with different panel and panel notification widget settings to get it right again. The only helpful part I can note is that running xfce4-panel --restart is useful to get settings applied.

Mouse Acceleration

The trackpoint mouse acceleration became super fast. First I had to uninstall libinput and reinstall evdev instead. I got that from this issue. After that I was able to go into settings and adjust the mouse speed down again.

SSH agent issue

I had an issue where I couldn’t connect with a remote server anymore via ssh. ssh-add fixed it up.