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NCSU Libraries Digital Collections: Rare and Unique Materials

NCSU Libraries Digital Collections: Rare and Unique Materials is a gateway to images, architectural drawings, text, video, audio, and archival folders from the NCSU Libraries’ rich holdings. From the hiThe pieces required to make this all work are a Web application, a WebSocket server, and two browsers. Here is the flow through the application. A user requests a resource page. On the server the Web application sends a short message to the WebSocket server with the identifier of that resource. The WebSocket server broadcasts the message on a channel where all of the browser clients on the real-time page are listening for updates. When a browser client gets the message with the identifier, it makes a request back to the web application for the HTML snippet to display on the page. story of NC State to the history of North Carolina’s built environment, these digital collections provide access to collections that drive research, highlight innovation, and inspire learning.

Digital Collections Now

Read about this real-time view of digital collections activity.


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