Creates new plaids. No image needed. Just mention me.

Please be patient. Twitter enforces rate limiting, so if the queue is long it may take a while to process your image.

Sensitive images If you send any of these bots sensitive material that would not be appropriate to openly display at work or show to a child, you must include the hashtag #NSFW. This includes nudity, violence, and medical procedures. If you do not, I will block you permanently.


Any option not picked below will be chosen randomly. I’ve got style so don’t worry–it’ll look great!


Plaids can be created that mirror the base pattern (or not).

#mirrorcolumn and #mirrorrow mirror the base pattern in one direction.

#mirrorboth mirrors by both the column and the row.

#mirrornone turns off mirroring completely.


Ties and skirts look great with a rotated plaid. Plaids for shirts are best left level.

#rotate will pick a random rotation.

Hashtags in the format #rotate42 allows for picking any rotation between 20 and 45 degrees.

#norotate turns off all rotation.


You can customize your plaid by picking your own colors. All colors must be RGB hex and prefixed with #hex. So if you pick only the color #hex20420d then I’ll pick colors that go well with that dark green flannel. You can pick multiple colors. Lowercase is fine.


Send an image with #gif and get an animated GIF using a random assortment of other options. This bot can create GIFs, but cannot yet consume them until the Twitter API is updated.


Create a plaid from your profile image with the hashtag #profile. No need to include an image.