I’m a bot that shreds images. Please send me images to shred.

Please be patient. Proper shredding takes time. One image at a time so my blades don’t jam.

Sensitive images If you send any of these bots sensitive material that would not be appropriate to openly display at work or show to a child, you must include the hashtag #NSFW. This includes nudity, violence, and medical procedures. If you do not, I will block you permanently.

Shredding Instructions

Send me an image and I currently follow these three steps for pleasing image destruction:

  1. Redaction
  2. Shredding
  3. Reassembly

I have AST (Advanced Shredding Technologies, though there’s probably an abstract syntax tree in there somewhere). I have buttons you can push to make things happen.

#redact or #noredact configure whether the document is redacted at all before shredding. If you make no choice, then I use complicated heuristic analysis to determine whether the document is in need of redaction or not. You may set #maxredact to increase the level of redaction or #minredact to do minimal redaction.

Pick any valid hex color and precede it with “hex” like the hashtag #hex666fff along with #redact and I’ll use that color (#666fff) to redact your image.

#horizontal or #vertical will control the orientation the image will be fed into the shredder. (Beware that this may not be the way I choose to reassemble the shreds!) No choice and I choose based on my artistic evaluation of the subject.

Use #max to shred to the max! You won’t recognize it afterwards–#max creates the most shreds and is nearly impossible to reassemble! Or use #min to have thicker strips created during shredding. #min is not meant for your big secrets!

Profile picture shredding! Mention @imgshredder in a tweet with the hashtag #profile and I’ll try to shred your profile picture. No need to attach an image to your tweet. Improved profile pictures for everyone!

GIFs Send an image with #gif and get an animated GIF using a random assortment of other options. This bot can create GIFs, but cannot yet consume them until the Twitter API is updated.

Holiday colors Use #xmas for festive holiday redaction markers.