Blends two images.

Please be patient. Twitter enforces rate limiting, so if the queue is long it may take a while to process your image.

Sensitive images If you send any of these bots sensitive material that would not be appropriate to openly display at work or show to a child, you must include the hashtag #NSFW. This includes nudity, violence, and medical procedures. If you do not, I will block you permanently.

If you send this bot 2 images then it will use the first as the forground and the second as the background.

If you send only one image, then it will use that as the foreground image and a random image from past blends, @imgblur images, or @imgshredder shreddings.

Resizes images to smallest dimensions. Smallest width and smallest height between the two images will be the output width and height. (This is necessary to keep file sizes down.)

Hashtag API

Alpha Transparency

Use a hashtag like #alpha180.

You can control the alpha transparency applied to the foreground image. There’s an allowable range as to low or high a value would mean that only the background or foreground image would show. The full alpha range is from 0-255.


Use a hashtag like #brighten20.

Sometimes blending images using transparency can leave the resulting image appearing dull or muddy. You can brighten the blended image by increasing the HSL saturation value by a given number. The range is from 0-100, so total saturation for any pixel will not exceed 100.


Use the hashtag #punch to make any pixels that are exactly black or white in the foreground image transparent before blending.


Use the hashtag #profile to blend your profile image with another image. No need to attach an image. If you send an image along with #profile, though, it will use the attached image as the background.


Send an image with #gif and get an animated GIF using a random assortment of other options. This bot can create GIFs, but cannot yet consume them until the Twitter API is updated.