Homage to the Shape

A study in color and shape.

These bots respond to any mention (with or without an image) with a unique work of art.

If you like lots of shapes, you can follow @homageshapes for periodic retweets from each of the above bots.


Sensitive images If you send any of these bots sensitive material that would not be appropriate to openly display at work or show to a child, you must include the hashtag #NSFW. This includes nudity, violence, and medical procedures. If you do not, I will block you permanently.

Pick any valid hex color and precede it with “hex” like the hashtag #hex666fff I’ll use that color for your image. If you want to choose the color for all the shapes drawn, include 4 hex colors. If you add 3 colors, I’ll only create three shapes. Otherwise I’ll create a pleasing (or random) color palette.

Use the #gif hashtag to animate the colors.

Note About Colors

Shapes that are not rectangular are made with a transparent background. While you don’t see many paintings on canvas other than rectangular it is easy enough to create a visible canvas in a digital image of any shape at all. The context that the image is viewed in further modifies our perception of the colors. This works well for the still images viewed on Twitter.

Note that all the colors are corrected when posted. For animated GIFs Twitter converts them to videos and shifts the colors slightly. This is unfortunate because the hex It also converts any transparencies to white.